Category : Body Care

Purbasari Yam Bean Soap

Containing natural extracts bengkoang which is believed to make the skin look clean, bright, and healthy. Fruit bengkoang often worn by the princess - the daughter of the palace of ancient times to make the skin look clean, bright, and healthy. Supported soft foam and plentiful, able to clean and care for skin smoothness to keep it soft and healthy. Start using soap Purbasari Bengkoang any toiletries as soap everyday who want to have clear skin, bright and healthy.


Containing Double Whitening of natural extracts Yam Bean and effective Active Whitening to brighten the skin.

Netto : 90 gr


Betel Yam Bean natural extracts and effective to brighten the skin and reduce the bacteria that cause body odor.

Netto : 90 gr


Yam Bean soap enriched olive oil, helps moisturize the skin so it feels soft and natural bright.

Netto : 90 gr