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Purbasari Body Scrub

Purbasari Body Scrub is a trusted beauty brand that believes that beauty is created for all women.

Scrub Purbasari entered the Indonesian market and Southeast Asia since 1993 and has received numerous reward like Top Brand Award in 2010, Exellent Brand Award Category Scrub Bath in 2012 as well as the #1 Brand Choice Award based on Indonesian Women Survey in three consecutive years, namely in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Scrub facts as complement the beauty of women:

1. Make Skin Feel Fresh

Apart from being one of the ways to whiten skin, body scrubs are also useful to help the pores to get a positive stimulus, the skin can breathe up to the deepest layer of skin so the skin will feel fresh.

2. As the Body Relaxation

Massage gently when scrubs can be a means of relaxation which blood flow to reduce the level of stress. So that a feeling of relaxation will be yours.

3. Make Younger

Lack of nutrients to the skin can make the skin look dull, dry, wrinkled look. With scrubs and offset by consuming fruits, and the supply of adequate drinking water, skin problems will be overcome so as to make the skin look fresher and younger.

Body Scrub Purbasari answer the needs of all women with rangakain products available in packs of 235g and 125g.

Body Scrub Bengkoang Double Whitening

Contains Bengkoang as lightening alami.Bengkoang including fruits that contain lots of water content, so it will provide benefits for the mengkonsumsinya. the content fresheners vitamin C contained in yam will make the skin more healthy, prevent premature aging and look brighter.

Body Scrub Green Tea Whitening + Vitamin E

Green tea extract, Vitamin E and Whitening contained in Purbasari Shower Scrub function as an antioxidant, moisturizer and skin lightening can cope with acne and oily skin, remove bags under the eyes, protect skin from the sun and moisturize and prevent dry skin.

Body Scrub Olive Oil

With olive oil and squalane extract which is suitable for dry and rough skin. Feel the touch of Purbasari Scrub on your skin, removes impurities, and dead skin cells. Moisturizes, softens, and improves your skin elasticity.

Body Scrub White

Helpful to disguise the black spots caused by the Ultraviolet, Cosmetics, Pollution, Drugs, Hormones & Genetic. Additionally Shower Scrub White is also beneficial to remove dead skin cells, making the skin brighter and healthier.

Body Scrub Pearl Whitening + Vitamin E


Pearl extract and vitamin E make the skin look brighter and smoother. Contains UV filter as protection whitening pearl extract matahari. With rays can make the skin moist, smooth and supple. With UV filter can protect the skin from free radicals and boost the regeneration of skin cells so skin looks brighter.

Body Scrub Whitening + Vitamin E

BodyScrub Purbasari Vitamin E is perfect to make the skin look brighter, maintain youthfulness of the skin and soften the skin dull and very dry.

Body Scrub Milk & Bengkoang

Contains milk extract and bengkoang useful to help the growth / regeneration of new skin cells, making the skin look smoother and brighter.

Body Scrub Herbal

The herb has antibacterial so it can prevent the growth of skin bacteria. Contains to moisturize very dry skin due to exposure to air conditioning berlebih. With fragrant roots will provide long-lasting fragrance on the body.

Body Scrub Milk (Package Tube 200gr)

Contains milk extract, Allantoin and perfect scrub. Help cleanse and moisturize the skin, helps the growth / regeneration of new cells, so the skin looks smoother and brighter. Packaged in a tube that is suitable to carry when traveling.