Category : Feminine Hygiene

Purbasari Betel Soap

Benefits :

  • Betel extract has antiseptic power capable of maintaining cleanliness feminine area from bacteria and fungi.
  • Deo actively Tego has the advantage of reducing the odor in the area of femininity, especially during the coming month.
  • With a pH of 3.5 according to the natural pH of womanhood.
  • Being able to reduce vaginal discharge, itching, and excess mucus in the feminine area
  • Making more feminine area clean and perfumed so comfortable and confident throughout the day kosher

Varian :

Betel liquid soap and has five variants, including:

  1. NATURAL (green), betel leaf flavour
  2. BEAUTY (blue), mask flavour
  3. ROMANTIC (pink), rose flavour
  4. ENERGIC (yellow), orchid flavour
  5. MANJAKANI, preferably on a married woman. Not only makes a fragrant, but becomes more doormat so that more confidence in the marital relationship.


Available in sizes of 60 ml and 125 ml