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Purbasari Anti-acne Lotion

Almost everyone, especially women suffer from acne. And some even do not dare to leave the house because of all his seized by acne. Acne is a skin disease caused by inflammation of the pores. This inflammation is caused by dirt clogging the oil and then the bacteria that cause infection. In general, acne is shaped like a small boil that size can vary from one person to another. New pimples will definitely feel sore and may interfere with one's appearance.

Incidence Causes Acne:

1. The production of excess oil:
    Cause blockage of hair follicles and skin pores
2. The presence of hormonal factors derived from the parents:
    Parents have oily skin
3. Genetic factors such as a teenager growing up
4. Factors skin irritation
5. Use the right type of cosmetics are not making the oil content in the face of increased