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Dear Ladies,

Having a beautiful, clear, soft, fresh and youthful
skin complexion is a dream of all women in the world.
It’s true that we are all born with whatever skin we get
and cannot change it, still we can work with what we have.
The skin care and decorative color cosmetics of
PT. Gloria Origita Cosmetics allow ladies to have the beautiful skin.
In our products, where technology meets tradition,
you will reveal secrets of beauty and health of your skin.

Warm regards,
PT. Gloria Origita Cosmetics
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  Get fresh all day long and to refresh your mind. Gentle freshening aromatherapy body scrub, enriched with Thyme Essential Oil and fresh citrus fragrance. Thyme Essential Oil is anti bacterial that also contains Cicatrisant. The citrus fragrance will remove mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety,, and nervous tension. It will refresh your mind by creating a positive mind-frame and removing negative emotions.  

dessy mayasari
"dulu kulit saya kasar dan kering, tp semenjak saya memakai produk purbasari mulai dari sabun bengkuang juga hand body lo.."  
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